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Company Profile

June 25, 2016 7:05 am

Shanghai Yino Enterprise Co,. Ltd. is an industrial high-tech chain enterprise offering the R&D of membrane material and membrane process, the production of membrane modules, the manufacture of membrane equipment, the engineering design and construction and operation management. We have over 20 years of combined experience in membrane products application and system designment, specialize in the manufacture of membrane products.


We provide membrane products include:
Microfiltration membrane(MF),
Ultrafiltration membrane(UF),
Membrane bioreactors(MBR),
Membrane filtration system,
Submerged membrane system,
Bio-separation UF device,
Water purifying device,
Membrane cartridge and filter.

Our membrane products have been successfully and widely used in many field such as the environmental engineering, pharmaceutical and foods products, biological products, seawater desalination, advanced treatment and reclamation of wastewater, electrophoretic paint, water purifying, drinking water etc. Our products have been used across the PRC, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Korea and etc.

Shanghai Yino Enterprise will be striving to meet these environmental and commercial challenges. Shanghai Yino company will provides full range of membrane technology, contribute to beautify the environment, renew water resources, and make use of science and technology to benefit the human society.